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Victory White Monkey

October 25, 2013

Victory Week comes to a close today, I hope you guys have enjoyed our brief foray into this Pennsylvania Brewery. As I mentioned last time, there was a beer at Victory’s tap takeover that I saw being continuously ordered by both craft beer aficionados and laypeople alike. Whenever I heard someone talking to a friend who had arrived late, the beer on their lips was ‘White Monkey.’ White Monkey is a variant of Victory’s widely popular Golden Monkey with one important caveat: it was aged in Chardonnay barrels.

As you well know, if something has been put inside of a barrel for a certain amount of time, I’m generally predisposed to like it. Furthermore, if alcohol is put in a barrel after another type of alcohol has already sat in that barrel, I’m doubly excited. After having the lack luster Fall Bockwards, I jumped on this beer that was on everybody’s lips.

It was a clear orange-gold color with a thin white head sitting atop it, really just pleasant to look at in the dim bar lighting. The first thing to touch your nose is a wonderful oak scent, followed by that buttery flavor common amongst Chardonnay grapes, and finally that sweet scent of malt. All of that combined together was definitely promising something amazing, and the fact that this beer is thick and syrupy when it hits your tongue, rolling over it like molasses, makes it all the better.

A big bright taste of sweet green apples is the first thing that hit my tongue as this syrupy concoction passed beyond my lips. Then, as promised by the nose, was that yummy buttery Chardonnay flavor mixing with the apple flavor to create something pie-like. Following that theme was the sweet bready malt, mimicking a sweet pie crust. Faint black pepper is the first hint that this beer is true to its Belgian roots before it transitions into the flavors of yeast and citrus you’d expect from White. Finally, the oaking comes to a head as the beer rounds out to a warm boozy finish with strong touches of Oak and Vanilla.

This beer was fantastic, and if you can get your hands on it I highly suggest not letting it pass you by. It’s the type of beer you debate telling people about because it’s good enough that you might want to keep it for yourself.


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