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Victory Fall Bockwards

October 23, 2013

Victory Week continues here as I talk about the Victory Fall Bockwards. This was the really big deal about their tap takeover the other week, since it was an exclusive draft with the bar and specifically fall themed to match the finally falling temperatures here in the Northeast. As true fans will know, I’m fond of German beer styles so of course I was excited about a Bock. It was the first thing I ordered, and I remember becoming very worried when I mentioned this to another patron and he just sort of frowned.

The beer was beautifully clear with a dark amber, almost brown, coloration and little to no head. The first thing I noticed, which instantly troubled me, was a very strong hop scent that overpowered the small traces of malt that I could just barely parse out. Despite the strange scent, the body was exaclty where it was supposed to be; a nice middle ground, smooth, and easy to drink.

When the Fall Bockwards first hit my tongue, I thought the fears brought on by the beer’s nose were unfounded. Sweet sweet malt graced my tongue with that delicious bready caramel-like flavor I’ve come to know and love. Then the beer stealthily pulled out a cudgel made entirely of hops and smacked me in the face while I wasn’t looking. A brief herbal taste begins to flow over your tastebuds before a wave of piney and spicy hops rolls through your mouth laughing maniacally at you. This gives the beer a finish like you just stumbled drunk into a Christmas tree. My notes actually have the phrase, “uh… what?”

I’m sure there’s someone out there that will drink this and proclaim it the best Bock ever. I’m sure that person would also love to go a restaurant that dry hops its water. This beer is not for me and I wouldn’t really suggest it to anyone.

What really made me perplexed about it was the fact that it was so talked up when there was better and far more amazing beer on tap that same night. We’ll be talking about that on Friday.


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