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Captain Lawrence Black and White IPA

October 18, 2013

Captain Lawrence is a brewery I definitely don’t talk about enough. Like most breweries that fall into that category, it’s not for lack of skill or even an inability to find them at bars and stores. Plenty of places carry Captain Lawrence beer, I actually find it strange when it’s not available. They produce very solid beers that while lacking the bells and whistles of other breweries, are still quite good and often intriguing.

What makes this particular beer interesting however is that one of my friends, a manager at Barcade, helped to brew it. It premiered last night at Barcade’s 9th anniversary and is available there and in the Captain Lawrence taproom. Granted, it’s not likely something you’ll be able to hunt down unless you live near the brewery or Brooklyn but it is definitely worth talking about nonetheless.

The beer was dark black in color with little to no head on my pour. Pine hops mix with a rich chocolate malt scent to create a very inviting nose. It has a nice smooth mouthfeel and a medium body that makes it a perfect drink for any point in the night. That chocolate flavor that is such a strong part of the nose provides a large bulk of the flavor, along with some light hints of wheat. The blend of hops that went into this beer provide a really rich earthy pine flavor that balances out the chocolate while providing a dash of spiciness. At your first sip, you might roll through these tastes and come to the bittersweet finish without experiencing what makes this beer fantastic. Buried amidst the chocolate and hops there’s a sweeter more complex part to this beer that is really intriguing to parse out. I experienced flavors of toffee, caramel, and even a very small touch of vanilla that made this a positively fantastic beer.

If I would say anything about this beer, it’s that it’s a shame that there are no current plans for it to have something resembling a wide release. Either way though, if you’re nearby Barcade in Brooklyn or passing by Elmsford, New York it’s worth a taste.


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