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Port Jeff Boo Brew

October 4, 2013


Long Island’s craft beer scene is definitely growing, and I’m starting to become very happy to see more and more people talking about Port Jeff Brewing. As I’ve mentioned before, I think Port Jefferson is a great spot for a brewery, and their brewmaster definitely knows his stuff. Despite this abysmal extension of August that we’re in the midst of, the pumpkin beers are out in force and I was very excited to get to try Port Jeff’s Boo Brew.

The beer is a cloudy orange, with a thin white head that dissipated fairly quickly from my beer. There’s not much nose to it, but what little there is has a nice distinct pumpkin scent not merely the traditional fall spice mixture that overpowers the pumpkin flavors. In terms of body and mouthfeel there’s nothing particularly noteworthy, it’s drinkable and the body is squarely in the middle. Neither of which is surprising since Pumpkin beers are generally made to be accessible for people that don’t regularly drink beer.

The big thing that comes out in the Boo Brew is the pumpkin flavor. You really do get that sweet squash oomph in this beer and that’s positively fantastic in my opinion. There are of course the dashes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and other fall spices in this beer but they’re much more of a dash than some breweries. Finally, it comes to a close with a sweet malt finish that when combined with the cinnamon taste can become reminiscent of graham crackers.

Overall, I’d say this is an excellent entry into the pumpkin ale style. It’s far from the most challenging or innovative but it’s also many orders of magnitude above some of the terrible pumpkin ales that get put out every year. You will definitely not be disappointed if you drink a Boo Brew.

Plus, come on, it’s called Boo Brew. That’s just fun to say.


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