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Allagash James Bean

October 2, 2013

Sometimes, you just see a beer and you know that you have to drink it regardless of what it actually is. Maybe you just see a really rad tap handle and go, “Give me a big pint of the badass juice that is being spat out of that dragon’s mouth you call a beer tap.” Perhaps it’s in the description, you don’t know if it’s really going to taste that way but even though your palette is crap you’re going to sit there and believe you’re getting every nuanced taste out of that tiny less than half a pint pour. Sometimes though, it’s the name. You’ll see the name of a beer and just go, “Oh Fuck Yes. That! In my mouth right now!”

Thus, I ordered an Allagash James Bean.

The strangest thing about this oak-aged beer made with coffee was its color. Even now I had to double check my notes because they describe this brew as a hazy burnt orange color with a bright white head. A strong coffee smell assaults your nose, and it mingles with scents of Belgian yeast, oak, and delicious bourbon. The mouthfeel is smooth and the body is shockingly light, almost a little on the thin side in my opinion.

My first though upon tasting this was that it reminded me of a latte. A mashup of creamy chocolate and coffee tastes that was almost a little milky. You then get lightly tapped by touches of oak, vanilla, and bourbon that really make this beer amazingly delicious. What truly elevates it though, is the finish. There’s no harsh coffee bitterness or cloying Belgian sweetness. Instead the brew seems to just round out calmly and cleanly before fading like a light breeze on a picturesque summer’s night.

You want this beer. You want it like a lover.


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