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Allagash Saison Rye

September 27, 2013

Whenever I talk about Allagash, I always feel the need to remind everyone that they are probably one of the best breweries around. Over the years they’ve shown a dedication to Belgian style brewing that shines through in all of their beers. Being an American brewery though, the drive for experimentation is in their blood and when married with their mastery of Belgian ales, it can produce some very interesting stuff.

Case in point: their Saison Rye. It pours a beautiful hazy pale gold with a nice fitting white head. The nose is composed a straight blend of sweet Saison yeast and rye spiciness that really tickles you in just the right places. With a middling body and a clean smooth mouthfeel, the Saison Rye is a delight to drink.

Citrus is the first thing that bursts across your tongue when you drink this. It’s a bright burst that leads directly into the sweet sticky yeast flavors. What makes this beer great though is how it ends. The brew comes to a close by running down a spectrum of rye flavor, starting from a bready heft all the way down to the lingering rye spice we’re all familiar with.

I highly suggest getting your hands on some Saison Rye, you won’t be disappointed.


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