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Sly Fox Grisette

September 25, 2013

Sly Fox is one of those breweries that despite being very good at what they do are sometimes easy to forget about. Weeks or months will pass without me drinking one of their brews and it isn’t until I see their tell tale fox-tail styled tap handle that I’ll suddenly remember, “Oh my, Sly Fox is generally delicious.” Therefore, not long ago, I jumped on a pint of the Sly Fox Grisette when I found myself uncertain of what to order.

The Grisette pours a hazy yellow-orange color that’s not quite gold, and sported a thin white head along the rim of the glass. The scent was beautiful and complex, with strong notes of citrus and coriander showing off the beer’s Belgian roots. There is even a hint of sugar to the nose that makes it just that little bit more tantalizing.

Once in your mouth though the Grisette starts to disappoint somewhat. The beer is light in body and somewhat watery, which helps it be smooth but didn’t quite sit right with me. The taste is ultimately a more mild version of the scent, with some slight hints of Belgian yeast and a sweet finish. It’s sort of a shame that the nose has such promise and then the beer ends up stumbling in the taste department. At the end of it, if you’re looking for something mild you might be interested but I’d suggest nearly any other Sly Fox beer over this one.


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