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Fisherman’s Glosta Strong

September 23, 2013

Fisherman’s can be a sometimes confusing brewery to discuss because their actual name is Cape Ann Brewing. Fisherman’s is the brand name of this family-run brewing company out of Gloucester, Massachusetts and their brand/brewery situation reminds me of Clipper City Brewing and Heavy Seas. On their recent and very impressive tap takeover at Barcade, I remember being stumped for several minutes as I attempted to recall their twitter handle and couldn’t find any variation Fisherman’s in all of twitterdom. Anyway, these past few sentences have really just been me dawdling along to the very well done Glosta Strong, an English Strong Ale.

Strong Ales are an interesting sort of catch-all term. Basically they’re ales with a generally higher than average ABV, with little else to narrow them down besides that. English Strong ales are slightly narrower with a tendency toward fruitiness or maltiness, and are generally complex in their flavor profile.

The Fisherman’s Glosta Strong had a rich caramel coloring that looked wonderful in the dim lights of a bar with the barest hints of a white head rimming the glass. There was a pear scent buried beneath an overwhelming smell of sweet malt that hinted at the deliciousness to come. For some reason I always expect Strong Ales to have a heft to them but I’m often surprised like I was with this beer because of its light body and general smoothness.

The flavor came out in one big complex burst. It doesn’t quite gradate across the tongue like most beers, instead just hitting you in one go and daring you to parse through everything you just tasted. Sweet malty flavor was the base of the beer alongside a sticky sweet molasses taste. Both of these flavors serve to bury an undercurrent of pear that really helps to balance the beer. I also was able to pick up hazelnut hints that also rounded the brew while still keeping it generally sweet. Finally, the Glosta Strong came to a quick, slightly biting finish.

I’d definitely suggest that if you’re in an area where Cape Ann distributes to, and your looking for something big and malty and delicious, get your hands on a Fisherman’s Glosta Strong.


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