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Brooklyn I Wanna Rye-It

September 13, 2013

So the temperature has dropped off after a very stormy evening and I find myself in a much different world. A world where there is a slight chill to the air, but it’s still more than pleasant enough to walk about. A world where the beer can be a tad darker and have a hint of spice. No, it’s not quite fall yet (though I’ve already had my first Pumpkin beer of the season) but it is cool enough to start drinking beers that aren’t pale lagers. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to rye-it.

Haha! Did you see what I did there? With the beer’s name and everything?


Anyway, the Brooklyn I Wanna Rye-It pours a nice clear amber color with a good frothy white head that sits there pleasantly for a few sips before eventually dissipating. The nose is a light touch of rye and sweet malt that could be a little more present for my tastes. In terms of body, this beer fits the temperature perfectly with a light body and smooth mouth feel that is perfect for the lingering heat of not-yet-autumn. The beautiful mixture of malt, smoke, and rye tastes are where this beer actually shines. Each major taste flows seamlessly into the next until you’re left with a lingering rye spice as you let the malt and smoke tastes roll off your tongue.

Really this beer is a solid choice that is especially good if you want to get to know rye beers. It won’t blow you away but you can still find yourself going back for it again and again.


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