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Perennial Homefront IPA

September 2, 2013

As a correction from the last time I talked about this brewery, Perennial is from St. Louis, Missouri. The brewery itself is on Michigan Street, which that combined with the MO combined in my head to them being from Michigan. Instead, they are a young brewery from Missouri, which actually makes the fact that they ship all the way out to New York all the more impressive.

Either way though, they are a very impressive brewery that strives to make unique beers with exceedingly unique ingredients. Case in point, the Homefront IPA. I drank this some time ago when Perennial did a tap takeover at Barcade, and as many of you know I’m not a huge fan of IPAs so you must be wondering what was so special about this beer that I decided to give it a go?

The Homefront IPA is made with baseball bats.

Not just any baseball bats, but Louisville Sluggers.

The Homefront IPA pours a hazy gold color with a bright white head. The scent is mostly floral hops and the beer is possessed of a medium body with a mouthfeel I can best describe as chewy. Surprisingly, citrus flavor (not floral) comes out very strongly in this beer, which flows directly into a hoppy bitterness that is not unpleasant. The beer is mellowed with a sweet vanilla flavor that washes away the bitterness just in time for a nice spicy hop finish. Overall, it’s a good IPA that’s mellow enough to drink lots of but still with enough hoppy character to be worthwhile.

Who cares about that though? This beer is made with baseball bats.


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