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Barrier Morticia

August 30, 2013

Last night, Barrier Brewing descended upon Barcade for a nice tap takeover. They had a solid sixteen taps of beer up, plus a cask, which isn’t surprising given their philosophy of experimenting with as many styles as possible.* It was quite an admirable showing of beers worth drinking, though I felt that most of them seemed to lean a little hoppier than I had anticipated it was overall pretty good. The beer that stood out though, both when I initially looked at the list and after the night came to a close, was the Morticia, a Russian Imperial Stout.

Obviously, I will admit that if you bring a Russian Imperial along it will probably be my favorite beer anyway because I’m such a sucker for them. Yet, there are a few distinct reasons I found this beer very enjoyable.

At first I wasn’t even planning to review this pitch black beer, but just drink it for the simple enjoyment. Yet, when it hit my tongue and filled my mouth with a creamy, velvety, rich full body, I was instantly in love. The scent was one of dark chocolate and booze with hints of cream. The flavor was exactly what the nose promised. Strong complex chocolate flavor dominated the brew, literally running the gamut of intensity having bitterness, sweetness, and milkiness all in one. Light flavors of coffee and a very delicate touch of booze complete this beer.

The best praise I can give this beer is it is the first one I’ve had in a long time that I can compare to the North Coast Old Rasputin. If you’re in the area, and you can get your hands on the Morticia, you will be very happy. Everyone else… you guys can just be jealous.

*: They had a fucking Gose up for God’s sake.


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