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Greenport Harbor Canard Noir

August 26, 2013

I haven’t talked about Greenport Harbor in quite some time, but they are definitely a brewery worth your time and interest. They’re from a small town on Long Island and they’ve been working out of a converted firehouse in Greenport since their inception, though I believe they will be moving to another facility soon. Humorously enough, the only other beer of theirs I have reviewed is the Black Duck Porter. The Canard Noir, as you’ve most likely surmised, is a variant of the Black Duck Porter using French Saison yeast, and it’s always interesting to see how yeast can subtly change flavors.

The beer itself pours a rich black color with a nice fluffy mocha head. Sweet chocolate dominates the nose with notes of sweet saison yeast as well. Much like the Black Duck, it has a heavy body and a thick mouthfeel though I found it very smooth, and almost creamy.

A sweet yeast flavor is the first thing to hit you when you drink this beer, and it blends so perfectly into tastes of dark chocolate and bitter coffee. Black pepper flavors come out, offering something different to the brew, along with hints of candied sugar that give this beer its overall sweeter edge. Finally, the finish is bittersweet, not unlike its prominent dark chocolate flavors.

Overall, the Canard Noir is just as good as the Black Duck and I would highly suggest the pair of them to new beer drinkers who really want to learn how yeast choice affects beer. These beers might not blow the minds of regular beer drinkers but they’re solid teaching beers, which makes them amazing in their own right.


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