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SingleCut Rum Barrel-Aged John Michael

August 23, 2013

SingleCut is definitely a brewery that I grow fonder of with every one of their beers I drink. For those who don’t remember, SingleCut is a brewery from Queens that has dedicated itself to complex and fresh beer. They’re so dedicated to the freshness of their product that they self-distribute and only too a small area in and around New York City. Not so long ago, I saw that they had made a schwarzbier and it was on tap at my local watering hole. Then I noticed that said schwarzbier was aged in rum barrels and so I instantly beat down everyone who stood between myself and the bar to order a pint.

While it had a beautiful dark brown coloring with strong red hues and a nice heavy brownish head, the thing that really struck me about this beer was the scent. Lots of beers smell great on the nose but I didn’t want to actually this beer after I smelled, I just wanted to bathe in it because if a person smelled like this beer they would be showered in both offers of casual sex and marriage. It smells like molasses soaked in chocolate, with a distinctive boozy flair. There are desserts in the world that are only half as good as those scents.

Overall, the beer is smooth and with a clean air-like mouthfeel. It literally glides through your throat like a wave of deliciousness. The taste is surprisingly not a let down from the scent, being a combination of dark bready malt, sweet rum, chocolate, and molasses. All of this comes at your tastebuds at once so your mileage may vary on parsing out these flavors but each one of them is delicious. The beer does end a small bitter hop flavor that will linger in the back of your throat. Some might classify as a detriment, others as a suitable balance. I found my opinion shifting from sip to sip. I suppose it doesn’t really matter how I felt about the end of the beer because every other moment spent drinking it was fantastic.

If you see this beer, give it a try, immediately.


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