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Founder’s Rubaeus

July 24, 2013

It’s funny to think that several years ago, early in my exploration of craft beer, I had this massive dislike of fruit beer. I would often state that I’d drink anything except a beer that had fruit in it, for fruit beers were for women and lily livered men. Of course, pumpkin beers were always an exception since it’s possible to ignore the allure of pumpkin flavored things in autumn. Over time though, I’ve indulged more and more in the occasional fruity beer. With the brutality of the heat this summer though I have found myself regularly drinking fruit beers because they fit better with the weather. There are only so many interesting lagers you can try before you’re looking to taste something different, but you know that that Russian Imperial is not going to sit right when you stumble out into the warm sticky evening. So, you grab yourself a fruit beer.

And if you know what you’re doing, you grab one made by the wonderful gentlemen of Founder’s Brewing.

As I learned from the Cerise, Founder’s really hits it out of the park when it comes to the color of fruit beer. The Rubaeus, a raspberry beer, pours a dark red almost purple color with a fluffy head that I swear was actually tinted purple as well. It literally looks like you held your hand above a clear golden lager and just squeezed a fistful of raspberries above it. A strong raspberry scent assaults your nose, sweet and intense.

This beer is light, tasty, and smooth, it literally starts to fill like you’re drinking juice. The flavor of this beer is obviously mostly raspberry sweetness, however what transforms it from being just alcoholic high-calorie juice is the bready malt that adds a cookie-like dimension to the beer. Literally, it starts to feel like you’re eating Linzer Cookies, and it is amazing.

If you enjoy raspberries or you’re looking for something different, go get yourself a glass of the Founder’s Rubaeus, you will not go wrong.


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