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Barrier Oil City

July 22, 2013

Barrier Brewing was recently named as the best New York City area brewer by the Village Voice. This was largely because of the fact that they’re constantly brewing in different styles and experimenting with new types of beer. The driving force behind this inventiveness is they’re small brewing set-up. They are two guys using a five barrel brewing apparatus to put out 1500 barrels a year. At that size you either stick with one style and make it work, or go as far afield as you can. Oil City is their American Black Ale.*

Oil City is as the name suggests a dark black beer with a fluffy brown head sitting on top of it. The scent is pretty much just hops and dark roasted malt that smells not unlike coffee. This beer has a thick almost chewy mouthfeel that might deter some people especially given the time of year but I felt like it was really appropriate for this style. Ultimately though, the taste profile is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

This brew is about dark roasted malt and hops. It has strong flavors of both and finishes with lingering bitter taste combination of black coffee and hops. I really don’t think there’s much to talk about in regards to this beer. It’s a little bitter for my taste but it’s a solid American Black Ale.

*: Remember when we used to call them Black IPAs?


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