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Allagash Confluence

July 19, 2013

I do enjoy my Allagash beers. There’s something fantastic about them, and I’ve always attributed it to their hammering down of one specific style of brewing, namely Belgian style ales. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I saw that the Confluence, an ale made with American Wild yeast, even existed. Beers made with wild yeast aren’t precisely common but they’re generally interesting given their lack of predictability outside of a calling card of funkiness that varies widely in strength.

The Confluence itself poured a hazy gold with a slow to dissipate head that was bright white in color. The scent was surprisingly sweet, with an almost Belgian-like yeast scent to it that alluded to Allagash’s Belgian routes. In addition, there was a distinct scent of tart fruit along with the barest background hint of hops. With its middling body it was fairly easy to drink with only a slight cloyingness and acidity.

To me what made the beer interesting was how it seemed to be slightly different with each sip. Flavors becoming more prominent depending on how long I let it linger in my mouth, how I was breathing, and so on, making for a very complex and interesting brew. Hops were always present at the start of the drink. These were then followed by flavors of tart or sour fruits and bursts of yeasty flavors both sweet and funky. Either way, the beer generally came to an end with a citrus and hop tone that clung a little in my mouth.

Overall, this beer was complex and intriguing. I would definitely say that if you get the chance, you should give a try. The novelty alone is worth a taste but the flavors of this beer are also worth your time.


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