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Long Ireland Raspberry Wheat

July 5, 2013

I’ve talked about Long Ireland beers once before, humorously the last time that we had them on tap in my restaurant. While the restaurant is now closed, we did have their Raspberry Wheat up for the last few weeks we were open. Long Ireland is a brewery with a fun history, when the two founders were first getting into home brewing they continuously joked that they should open a brewery. The joke continued to escalate as they bought more and more equipment, experimented further, until eventually it was a reality. Now they have a facility on Main Street in Riverhead, New York and are continuously expanding.

Their Raspberry Wheat pours a clear white gold with a thin white head. A strong raspberry scent greets your nose with the barest hint of wheat. The body is a fairly light, and the beer itself slightly cloying. In terms of flavor, the beer is almost exactly what it says on the tin. A strong sweetness from the raspberries that is also a little tart. Wheat flavors along with some malt hints make up the rest of the beer. The finish is fairly clean with a slight citrus hop taste that gives a nice balance to the brew.

For a humid summer, I don’t think you can go wrong with this beer. It’s not the best summer seasonal but it’s something you’re likely to enjoy. In its time on tap, I found it to be most popular amongst women and people who weren’t big into beer but looking for something different. Based on that, I’d say it’d be a welcome addition to most barbecues.


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