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Heavy Seas Siren Noire

July 3, 2013

This is the first Heavy Seas review on the blog, which I find surprising because I used to drink a lot more Heavy Seas before I came to New York. I suppose it can be attributed to being closer to the brewery when I lived in Virginia and around DC, along with the general allure of Heavy Seas and its pirate theme that lead me to drink more of it in college and immediately after college than now. They really are a great brewery and I think they’re notable not only for producing good solid beers that you can drink pint after pint of, but also for making big, tasty, you gotta try this beers.

The Siren Noire is the latter.

It poured a rich dark black with a fluffy brown head just peaking over the rim of the glass. There was a strong scent of sweet chocolate, amazingly alone in the nose but very alluring. I found the beer to be almost creamy in my mouth yet somehow it still maintained a light fluffiness that I can’t quite explain.

The flavors explode into your mouth with a sweet boozy vanilla flavor lent to it from barrel aging. When this initial punch settles you’re left with rich roasted malt lending hints of coffee and chocolate, as well as hints of dark dried fruits like raisins, plums, and figs. Really, this is an amazing beer, but there was something else to it that just boggled my mind. I’m not sure if it came from the barrels or if they actually added it in, but throughout the beer I got a distinct flavor of maple syrup and not overly saccharine plastic bottle crap. Real maple syrup. That’s what made this beer so tantalizing and fantastic.

The best way I can describe to you how much I liked this beer is that I was excited to review it. I’ve been waiting to get to this spot in my tasting notes for the past two reviews. It was great, and I’m glad it’s my first official Heavy Seas review. I highly suggest this beer, and I highly suggest the brewery. I’d say definitely read up on their history if you’re unfamiliar with them, since they have a pretty cool story. If not, at least give the Siren Noire a taste.


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