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New Holland Sundog

June 24, 2013

New Holland is a wonderful brewery coming out of Michigan. I’ve mentioned them before, shortly after they first moved into New York. I see their taps from time to time at a few places here and there, and recently I felt the urge to give a try to their amber ale, Sundog. Before I get into the beer, I will mention another very cool New Holland I recently had called hopquila. This stuff was delicious, and smooth. I would say if you want to try something unique, keep an eye out for hopquila.

The Sundog pours this beautiful reddish orange color, not quite copper, but not quite amber, while still being evocative of a setting sun, with a fluffy white head topping the brew. The scent is a mixture of caramel and fruit that is really intriguing. The beer itself is very smooth, due in large part to its very light body. However, it still manages a hint of creaminess to its mouthfeel that I personally really liked.

As could be expected from the nose, the taste profile is fairly simple. There’s flavors of caramel, and a wider sense of various malts; sweet, bready, and caramel-like. The hints of fruit are where this beer really manages to differentiate itself from the pack and improve what would be an otherwise somewhat boring brew. On the whole, the Sundog is still fairly simple but interesting enough to warrant a glass, and definitely worth while in the summer months if you’re looking for something simple but sweet.


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