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Full Sail Phil’s Existential Alt

June 21, 2013

My week of Full Sail beers comes to an end with Phil’s Existential Alt. This altbier is part of Full Sail’s Brewer’s Share series. You may or may not be aware but Full Sail is entirely employee owned and operated, so following in that spirit they created the Brewer’s Share series to allow each of their brewers to express themselves beyond the beers the company already makes. Phil Roche settled upon an altbier, and I think the world is a slightly better place for it.

The beer is a beautiful dark amber color with a frothy white head. The scent is sweet and biscuity, full of malt and exactly what you’re looking for. Smooth is the best way to describe the beer in your mouth, with a middling body that offers no distractions from this fantastic brew. Bready malt and sweet caramel notes dominate the overall flavor of the beer. However, this sweet maltiness is balanced by a fresh hop finish.

Altbiers when done well are deceptively simple. If you drink an altbier and you feel like it’s just a nice well-balanced beer, you know that you’re drinking something pretty spectacular. These are brews of balance and nuance, and Phil’s Existential Alt is a prime example of what you’re looking for in an altbier.


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