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Full Sail Old Boardhead (Aged Since 2002)

June 17, 2013

This past week, Full Sail had a very impressive tap takeover at my local watering hole of Barcade. They really had a wonderful showing of both standard brews and things with a bit more… shall we say, flair? At the top of the ‘better try this before it runs out,’ list was their Old Boardhead, particularly this keg of the barleywine that had been aged for just over a decade. While some of my favorite alcohol is the kind that can drink itself, I must say that any booze that is old enough to be bullied in middle school is worth a taste.

This eleven years young barleywine pours a hazy ruby color with a thin white head. There was a sweet malt scent that mixed with ripe fruit and a hint of citrus-y hops. Despite it’s age the beer still maintained a middling body, and a slightly creamy mouthfeel that made the beer very smooth as it went down.

The first taste to hit your tongue is a sweet fruity flavor, largely composed of apples and berries. A biscuity malt flavor combines with a slightly sweeter malt hint, akin to a savory caramel flavor, to give this beer a nice bready middle ground. Finally, the beer comes to a finish with a blooming flavor of floral hops with an undertone of citrus. Overall, this beer combines a lot of beer flavors together into something very delicious. Aged or not, I’d say the Old Boardhead is worth a glass.


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