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Barrier Lights Out Stout

June 7, 2013

Barrier, as I mentioned the last time I spoke about them, is an impressive brewery if only for the fact that they brew a lot of different beers in a relatively short period of time. Yes, this is the brewery that produces 1,500 barrels of beer a year on their five barrel system. They don’t just stick to making a few products, they have a beer list that puts some larger brewers to shame. Anyway, with the weather’s recent turn to being cold and rainy, I was excited to give their Lights Out Stout a try.

The beer was a solid black color all the way through with a fluffy brown head sitting on top of it. There was a strong scent of sweet chocolate along with a darker roasted malt smell. However, the flavors of this beer are far more intense than the scent lets on. When this beer is in your mouth and you feel like you’re chewing it, you know that they mean business. The sweet chocolate taste is present, for a single instant. This beer gives way to extremely intense bitter cocoa and a flavor akin to burnt coffee. The taste doesn’t simply linger as it does expand across your mouth and seep in, coating everything in a coffee flavor. I felt as if I were roasting coffee beans in my mouth, and when my friend took a sip to taste he found that his whole mouth instantly tasted entirely of coffee.

I’m reluctant to call this a good beer but I’m not sure if I want to denounce it either. I drank the whole pint, all while just thinking about what I was going to drink next. Plenty of coffee stouts are made to achieve a level of intensity like this, so it’s not truly out of form. I think it merely didn’t jive with me that evening. So, if you’re looking for one of the more intense coffee stouts you can get your hands on, this is the beer for you.


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