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Allagash Dubbel

June 5, 2013

Very few breweries are like Allagash. I don’t mean to say that there are very few good breweries in the world, that’s certainly not true. What I mean is that few breweries can be good, and successful, while sticking so closely to one brewing tradition. A lot of American craft breweries are a fusion of German, and English styles, with the occasional Belgian thread winding its way through, which isn’t surprising when you consider America’s cultural heritage. Allagash however stays strictly in the Belgian realm, while still managing to innovate and experiment. While I definitely love many of their bolder beers, sometimes it’s important to go back to something like a Dubbel to really appreciate their craftsmanship.

The Allagash Dubbel pours a rich brown color, not too dark but not peppered with hues of red or amber either, with a slowly dissipating white head. The scent is predominantly made up of a sweet toffee smell combined with hints of chocolate. Its thick heavy body pairs well with its almost creamy texture, really letting you know that this sweet and delightful brew is in your mouth.

A flavor of creamy chocolate, as if it was just slightly melted, is what greets you when the beer first passes your lips. This rolls into a more general sugar flavor, that keeps the beer sweet though not necessarily overpowering. Slight tastes of dark, ripe fruit round out the beer, providing it with a flavor that is light without being overly sweet. The beer comes to a clean creamy finish, with a surprising lack of Belgian yeast flavor.

Allagash’s Dubbel will make you fall in love with this brewery all over again.


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