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Brooklyn Silver Anniversary

May 17, 2013

That’s right, Brooklyn Brewery has finally turned twenty-five. The brewery’s brain is fully developed, its cranial sutures have completely closed, and it can rent a car without any problems. It’s interesting to me when I realize that craft brewing has been around long enough now that some breweries could drink themselves if they were people. I feel like it is a testament to the craft beer movement, and the taste buds of American beer drinkers that so many breweries are surviving to celebrate their twenty-fifth or thirtieth years of operation. The best part about it though, is the fact that they put out beers to celebrate.

Brooklyn’s Silver Anniversary pours a hazy light brown color with amber hues when held up to the light and a thin whitish head that rings the edges of the glass. When I first held it to my nose, my nostrils were tickled by hops. That scent quickly disappeared though to be replaced by a heavy malt scent with hints of caramel. The beer’s body is a little on the thin side but it still manages to be smooth with a little creamy texture on the end.

The beer punches you right out of the gate with a floral hop taste, revealing that the tickle your nostrils felt was a little bit more than that. Sweeter and maltier flavors wash away the hops, quickly leaving you with a caramel like ending. The finish on this beer is sweet and creamy.

Simple and delicious, I think this beer makes for an excellent celebration of the brewery. There’s slight experimentation going on with style presumptions, but ultimately it shines through to make a beer that will certainly be something you’re going to want to have a glass or two of. Definitely something worth getting down your gullet if you get a chance.


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