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Sprecher Black Bavarian Lager

May 13, 2013

Sprecher Brewing was founded by a former Pabst Brewing supervisor in the mid-80s. Brewing out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they have grown steadily over their nearly thirty years of operation. What’s interesting to me is that Sprecher is not known just for its beer but its traditional sodas as well, which you can find not only across the mid-west but (like any craft soda) in many historical tourist traps across the nation. Of course, history is an important part of Sprecher’s history. They frame themselves as part of the long history of Wisconsin brewing that was savaged by Prohibition and the Great Depression. Dreaming of a world where Wisconsin will have over a hundred operating breweries once again.

Recently I got the chance to have their Black Bavarian Lager, a dark black beer with brown hues and a light-brown head. There wasn’t much strength to the beer’s scent, only a vague sense of roasted malt tickled my nose. However, the beer was fairly smooth, with a body that was just heavier than water. Perfect for a lager.

A strong chocolate flavor is what hit my tongue first, followed by strong coffee overtones. This flavor gave way naturally to a bitter sweet roasted malt finish. Overall, it was a pleasant beer and certainly something that I could drink several pints of and be satisfied. That said though, I feel like I’ve had better black lagers, and that in some ways this beer is the epitome of “we took our stout recipe and used lager yeast. Bam! That’s a black lager.”

Either way though, it doesn’t make me shy away from Sprecher in any ways. I mean, they make their own barbecue sauce and mustard. You can’t ignore a brewery that does that.


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