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Perennial Black Walnut Dunkel

May 10, 2013

Perennial is a fairly young brewery, a little under two years old and they’re already shipping out of Michigan all the way here to New York, which is a fairly impressive feat in general. Their focus is on producing unique and well-balanced beers that draw from both the recent American brewing tradition, with some Belgian influences. Like many breweries they also are striving to use local and/or organic ingredients to produce small batches of beer with specifically American tastes. When one considers that the first beer of theirs I’ve had is a Black Walnut Dunkel, I think this philosophy shines through fairly well.

The Dunkel was a dark brown color with a fluffy white head. What threw me for a loop was the beer’s strong sour scent with a slight nut hint. It was only slightly heavier than water making it fairly drinkable, and despite the sour scents it had a fairly clean mouthfeel.

Flavorwise the beer leans more toward a sweet end of the spectrum. There’s strong flavors of dark fruit combined with a sweeter nutty flavor. This combined with the sweet malt makes for an already fairly sweet beer. The yeast pushes everything home with a tangy finish.

I’m not sure if I would really want to drink glass after glass of this, but it would probably go great with certain desserts. I’d be especially interested in tucking into some baklava while drinking this brew. Keep an eye out for Perennial, the Black Walnut might not be worth raving about but its certainly a solid indication that these guys are up to some interesting stuff.


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