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Lakefront 25th Anniversary Stout

May 8, 2013

If I were ever to spend time in Milwaukee, it’d probably be spent sitting in Lakefront’s taproom (if they have one). Lakefront really is a wonderful brewery, as I’ve mentioned time and time again. However, what I think continuously sets them apart is their reputation for being a part of their community, and being just generally good guys. Why the night I had their 25th Anniversary Stout, I ran into a fellow from Milwaukee who upon my mentioning of the brewery, instantly commented that they’re a good group of guys.

The stout was a beautiful black color with a brown head. The first smell that hits you is the sweet smell of cherries, followed by cream that you instantly imagine the cherries must be resting upon. Mixed in with these two scents is the lightest hint of chocolate. The only truly surprising thing about this beer was its light body and very clean mouthfeel.

This beer was really phenomenal. It opens with the sweet and amazing taste of cherries, followed up by more flavors of dark ripe fruits. A mixture of cream and vanilla follows this, combining with the fruit expertly. Finally, the beer ends on a nice chocolate flavor, with a clean finish. Really the best comparison I can make for this beer is a sundae. Just positively fantastic, while managing to not be overpoweringly sweet.

Really when I compare this beer to the other great ones I had that night (Goose Island’s Bourbon County, and Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast), I can say with confidence that this was definitely the beer of the evening. If you can get yourself just a glass of it, you will be very very satisfied. In fact, you should probably stop reading this blog and go out and find a glass of it.


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