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Hoppin’ Frog Boris the Crusher

May 6, 2013

Hoppin’ Frog is a brewery founded by life-long Akron, Ohio resident Fred Karm. Started in 2006, they strive to focus on the little details that can make beer great, going through every stage of the brewing process from choosing ingredients to bottling in a meticulous fashion. I didn’t know about this brewery until just the other week when one of their stouts appeared on Barcade’s list for Midwest Beer Night. Since I was already in a stout mood (also known as every minute of every day), I decided to give Boris the Crusher a try.

This brew poured a nice black with a dark brown head, spot-on coloration for these kinds of stouts. The best way I can describe the scent of this beer is it reminded me of a frap; strong vanilla and caramel scent with hints of coffee underneath. What I think most surprised me about this beer was its lighter than average body. When I think about imperial stouts I imagine something heavy, whereas this was fairly airy in your mouth, and very smooth without being creamy or velvety.

When it first hits your tongue, Boris the Crusher is very sweet. There are flavors of cream and of course caramel at the top of this beer, really hammering you with sweetness. Then the beer makes a hard right turn smacking you right in the face with roasted malt. Your left with a strong coffee finish that gives the beer a solid bittersweet profile overall.

I would say that this is a solid entry into the world of stouts, and definitely makes me interested in Hoppin’ Frog as a brewery. However, Boris the Crusher isn’t so amazing that you need to necessarily hunt it down or get particularly excited about it.


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