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Green Flash Serrano Chile Double Stout

April 24, 2013

As I mentioned on Monday, Green Flash Brewing recently came through New York City showcasing all sorts of awesome brews for us here on the east coast. For people that know me, you know that I love to drink stouts. I drink them all year round; hot or cold, rain or shine, morning or evening. I also love spicy things. I put sriracha on tons of stuff, I get the hottest vindaloos I can find, and I’ve occasionally thought about just simply carrying around hot sauce like an alcoholic carries a flask. Lucky for me, Green Flash (like several breweries) makes a chile pepper stout and it was on tap the other night.

This beer pours a nice black color with a quick to dissipate dark brown head. At first glance, it’s any other stout but when you lift it to your nose your hit with a strong chile pepper scent. Just that little tickle of spice that makes your nose wiggle a little. While it goes down your mouth, you might be surprised with how smooth and generally clean it feels. This beer isn’t particularly velvety or creamy, it’s just smooth and easy to drink.

The flavor is precisely what you expect. You’re met first with a strong chile flavor that’s good and spicy, with a little heat. Then this is cooled down by a variety of chocolate hints that sort of pop throughout the flavor of the beer. Ultimately, this is like biting into a chocolate bar that’s been made with chile peppers. It’s sweet, you get a little bitterness from the chocolate, there’s spice flavor, and just a little bit of heat.

If you’re like me, the type of person who waits for the Chile Pepper Fiesta in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, this is probably a beer you should get your hands on. Otherwise, it’s definitely worth a taste for the novelty alone.


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