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Green Flash Silva Stout

April 22, 2013

Green Flash Brewing is a Californian outfit started up by a married couple a little over a decade ago. In 2004, they hired their Brewmaster Chuck Silva, whose name obviously lends itself to this stout, and started brewing more assertive beers. A few weeks ago, they took themselves ‘on tour,’ in New York City, flooding various craft beer bars in the area with their distinctive brews and tossing out t-shirts galore (though I never managed to obtain one). Even though I can’t wrap myself in their tasteful version of the famed I Heart New York logo, I did get to warm myself with their many delicious brews.

The Silva Stout pours a beautiful dark black with a thin brown head. There are strong notes of vanilla and oak when you hold up to your nose, along with an undercurrent of dark chocolate. The mouthfeel is what you’d expect from a stout of this magnitude; thick and creamy.

Your tongue is immediately met with a warm booziness that winds its way throughout the beer, reminding you of it’s 10.1% ABV. Next comes a distinct bourbon flavor that is further bolstered by hints of oak and vanilla. This delicious bourbon barrel flavor blossoms into tastes of dark caramel and finally, roasted malt that brings the beer to a strong bittersweet finish.

If there is one Green Flash beer you can get your hands on, it is this one. Like, seriously, get this beer. Right now. You should be reading this on your phone, while standing in line, to purchase this beer.


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