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Blue Point Croxley Ale

April 19, 2013

Ah, Blue Point Brewery. I’ve mentioned my fondness for this Long Island institution many times. I find that the majority of their beers, while not being novel or particularly innovative, are still delicious and well balanced, the type of beers that you can enjoy pint after pint of either alone or with friends. This isn’t to say they’re incapable of cool stuff, quite the opposite actually. However, I feel that Blue Point’s strength can often lie in a simple elegance.

Bringing us to the Croxley Ale, a Double Red brewed for the 20th Anniversary of Croxley’s Ales. Croxley’s is one of the oldest craft beer bars on Long Island, and in New York in general, over the past twenty or so years they’ve grown to have multiple locations across Long Island and in New York City, each boasting an impressive tap list. Definitely a place worth checking out if you’re ever in the area.

Now the beer itself poured a beautiful red color with a stunning white head, just a perfect visual for a red ale. As one would expect, the nose is bursting with floral hops and little else. The ale is a little thicker than water, with a bit of a heft to it when you swallow. A very light malt flavor adds a slight sweetness to the beer when you first drink it, before slowly opening up to a strong floral hop flavor, ending with a clean crisp hop finish.

Overall, the Croxley Ale is worth a drink or maybe a few drinks, but I wouldn’t go kicking in doors just to get a sample.


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