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Abita Andygator

April 17, 2013

Abita is easily the most famous brewery to come out of Louisiana. In fact one can sometimes be hard-pressed to find other Louisiana breweries outside of their home state. The reason that Abita is well known is because they make a very good, palatable product. As I’ve mentioned before, they might not get too crazy with their brews, but every beer they produce is generally something worth drinking, and a few of their seasonals are particularly noteworthy. Personally, I always look forward to the Pecan Harvest Ale every year.

For some reason I don’t understand, I for a long time labored under the assumption that their Andygator was an Imperial IPA. I have no clue where this idea came from and have obviously been suffering for it because the Andygator is actually a Dopplebock. As long time readers know, I love German-style beers, and am fairly fond of bocks and dopplebocks.

The Andygator poured a clear orange-gold with a quickly dissipating white head. The scent was strong but simple, just a nice flare of sweet malt. The beer feels only slightly thicker than water and is fairly easy to drink, which can be dangerous as the months grow warmer because at 8% this beer is treading just high enough that you might want to be wary of it’s alcohol content. The taste is a great combination of syrupy sweet malt flavors, with hints of molasses and toffee, alongside a barely perceptible nuttiness. I definitely think it’s a good solid beer that’s worth a taste, and I regret that I didn’t try it earlier.


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