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Flying Dog The Fear

April 12, 2013


I feel like I talk about Flying Dog a surprising amount, and I can’t really say why. Perhaps it’s their ready availability here in New York or maybe it’s just that they produce a variety of interesting and fairly delicious products. Most likely though it’s a combination of the two, since there are plenty of great breweries that I just don’t get to talk about very often because I just don’t see their beers much.

Anyway, since 2004, Flying Dog has had a series of beer known as “Wild Dogs.” Wild Dog beers are interesting experiments that they decide to put out for any number of reasons. The first Wild Dog was to celebrate their tenth anniversary, but most of the ones since then have just been driven by the concept of this was a cool idea we had and it’s been too long since we last did something like this. Enter The Fear, a Pumpkin Strong Ale.

The Fear pours a deep dark brown, that’s almost black if not for the few red hues that you can see when you hold it up to the light. The head is thin, and a little brown. The smell is positively pleasant, a mixture of allspice, cinnamon, and legitimate pumpkin scent. For a beer that has a very light body and an almost thin feeling in your mouth, it has a surprising velvety character when it slides down your gullet.

Unlike lots of pumpkin beers that devote a lot of their flavors to aping the sweeter or autumnal tastes of pumpkin pie, The Fear actually comes out with a real pumpkin flavor. This of course gets rounded out by hints of spice, and a strong taste of vanilla but they’re more accents in the beer than they are in the foreground, which is something I really appreciated. Finally, the beer comes to a close on a light hint of roasted malt.

This beer is fantastic, and I would say you should keep your eyes peeled for it. This is well worth the taste.


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