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Great Divide Orabelle

April 5, 2013

Normally when I talk Great Divide, I’m talking about one beer and one beer only: The Yeti. Man, do I love me some Great Divide Yeti. However, that amazingly awesome beer can often distract that Great Divide is a pretty amazing brewery overall. Started in 1994 in Denver, Great Divide has seen amazing success over its first twenty years in business, and for good reason. They’re a group of hard working and very talented people that are dedicated to something they love, and this shows through in their beers. This is why when after ordering a completely different beer, and I had the Orabelle set in front of me, I decided to give it a try because, why not? It’s Great Divide after all.

The Orabelle pours a wonderful golden color with a nice haze to it, though sadly my pour had practically no head. The scent was surprisingly delicate, just a few light hints of citrus and Belgian yeast carefully brought together. Most shocking to me was that the brew was harshly carbonated, tingling my mouth for a moment before the flavors cloyed about in general Belgian style.

Much like the scent, the flavors were also light, like a careful stroke from a paint brush. There was a nice sweet bready flavor, that mixed with the malt that wound its way through the beer. Citrus flavors were predominantly lemon and orange, offering a balancing zest to the bread flavor and of course, the overtly sweet Belgian yeast. All that being said, the Orabelle is a well balanced beer that’s worth a nice delicate sip.


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