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Full Sail Vendell’s Veizen

March 29, 2013

Like I said last time, whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably had a Full Sail beer because of their Session Lagers. The commonly seen beers in the special little hand grenade-sized bottles. Of course, as I also mentioned last time, Session Lager is far from the only beers in their wheelhouse. Since 1987 they’ve been producing all sorts of delicious and different brews.

I’ve also often talked about my love for German brewing styles, which apparently makes Spring one of my favorite seasons because it’s when breweries are the most likely to put out a German beer besides a Marzen. In this case, I was able to get my lips around a pint of Full Sail’s Vendell’s Veizen. Get it? Cause Germans pronounce their w’s like v’s.

The beer pours a rich, and surprisingly dark, copper color with a nice white head atop of it. The scent is a beautiful mixture of wheat and toffee, already tantalizing. With a light tickle of carbonation, the beer goes down fairly smoothly, the easier to drink and enjoy. Flavorwise, it’s akin to what the nose promises. There’s a large sweet toffee flavor at the start of the beer winding along with a taste of wheat. There’s a slight hint of pumpernickel in the middle of the beer that is quite nice, before the beer finally turns to a sweet boozy finish that is slightly cloying.

At the end of the glass, you’ll definitely be satisfied, and probably ready for another.


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