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Abita Bock (Maibock)

March 25, 2013

Ah, it is apparently that time of year again, the glorious spring in which we sip Maibocks and sing German love songs.* Now, it’s not really that time of year because the Mai in Maibock means May, but as we all know, beer seasons no longer correlate to real seasons. Really, to a point that’s starting to become alarming. Anyway, I’m always happy to have a beer from Abita. Something about their beers always makes me imagine a picturesque Louisiana summer, not that I’ve experienced one but I’ve seen them in the movies with a nice bright yellow filter.

Speaking of color, the beer itself pours a deep amber with a light white head. Scents of sweet malt drift up to your nose when you hold it close with a slight hint of floral scents from hops, and even what I swore was little bit of honey. The mouthfeel was generally smooth, though I felt the beer might have been a little more watery than I wanted. Flavorwise, the beer was fairly standard with a nice bready malt taste and a clean finish with a hint of hop.

This was definitely an easy to drink, and refreshing beer. I wouldn’t say that it’s really worth hunting down, but if you’re in the mood for a nice bock so you can pretend that spring is actually here, it’s worth while. Abita beers generally are.

*: I’m aware “99 Luftballons,” is a protest song, but all other songs in German I know are Ramstein songs, and those are certainly not love songs.


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