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Avery Mephistopheles’ (Aged Since 2009)

March 20, 2013

Avery is a wonderful brewery that hails out of Colorado. While they make a lot of different and varied beers, it’s always their bigger, more powerful, more alcoholic, brews that actually end up catching my attention. Especially when someone has taken the time to age it. Plenty of beers shouldn’t be aged, they should be drank as fresh as possible to ensure the best taste. However, some beers only manage to get better as time passes on. Particularly big, rich, flavorful, dark beers…
Like Avery’s Mephistopheles’.

The beer that was handed to me was a deep dark black liquid with a dark brown head sitting atop it. There was a slight scent to it, mostly chocolate but with a surprising hint of raisins. Despite the fact that its dark color made it look like some kind of black ichor, the beer was exceedingly smooth. The mouthfeel was clean, and the beer easy to drink.

Of course, the taste reminded you that even though it goes down easy, this isn’t a beer you gulp like mad. The beer is a beautiful combination of heavy stout flavors. The roasted malt lent the beer flavors of chocolate and coffee that hit strongly throughout the taste. This is paired with flavors of dark fruit, like berries bursting with juice that were then soaked in dark spirits. Finally, is a strong boozy warmth that winds its way through the beer and blossoms at the very finish. Mephistopheles will put a gentle Christmas-like fire in your belly and keep the rest of your body nice and toasty.
When you can, grab a hold of this beer. In fact, get two bottles. One that you can put away and forget about so it can age for years, and the other to drink as soon as possible.


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