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Speakeasy Black&White Cookie Ale

March 18, 2013

It’s odd that I’ve never written a review of a Speakeasy beer before since I own a promotional neon sign from their brewery. Founded in 1997, Speakeasy drapes themselves in the mantle of history. They harken back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when San Francisco was the heart of the West Coast breweries scene, a reminder that it was Prohibition that limited America’s selection of beer for so many decades, not the consumer. Furthermore, their beer is made in an old steam-fired brewhouse, and they do as much work by hand as possible. Their flagship brews certainly prove that they are deserving of the history they work in homage to, and their specialty brews help to distinguish them as a brewery.

The Black&White Cookie is for those who do not know, a standard of bakeries and delis in New York City. It is a simple, somewhat fluffy, sugar-cookie coated in vanilla and chocolate frosting. If you live outside of the New York metropolitan area and have only experienced mass produced versions, you’ve probably been mystified by New Yorkers’ love of this specific cookie. Let me break the mystery; yes, they are that good. Only fitting then, that Speakeasy made this beer explicitly for New York City’s Craft Beer Week.

The beer itself pours a perfect shade of black with a thick light-brown head that is surprisingly quick to dissipate. Scents of vanilla and roasted malt tickle your nose as you hold it close, promising something akin to biting right down the middle of your black&white. With a middling body, and a smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel you’re in the perfect territory for a delicious stout. The flavor is a wonderful mix of cocoa, and cream with a strong vanilla finish to round it all out. Ultimately, it was delicious and flavorful and great.

For some reason I was disappointed though, and I chalk that up merely to no beer being able to live up to a Black&White Cookie fresh from a bakery. Still, it’s an acceptable facsimile for when the bakeries are closed.


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