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Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious

March 15, 2013

Captain Lawrence is one of those breweries that I feel like I always see when I’m out or when I’m buying beer. It’s not like I don’t drink Captain Lawrence beers, because I do, but in my drinking life they’re certainly more of a familiar background character. You see them over and over again, you recognize them but eventually you realize you don’t know much about them. Like that friend of a friend who’s name you can never remember, even though you’ve bought each other rounds of drinks. It also amazes me that I’ve never talked about them because the brewery’s history is truly the personal history of its founder. I won’t try to condense this New York brewer’s life in a few pithy sentences, I’ll just leave this link for interested parties.

I was drawn to the Golden Delicious because it felt like the first time Captain Lawrence had ever really broken out of the background. It didn’t sound like the beers I’d had from them before, or from anyone else. A Belgian Tripel aged in Apple Brandy barrels? Color me interested.

The beer poured a brilliant hazy gold with a perfect rim of white clinging to the side of the glass for a head. Its scent is like a barrel of fresh golden apples, literally like someone just cut up dozens of them in preparation for baking. The mouthfeel is light, smooth, and fresh with the beer gliding right over your tastebuds.

Drinking this brew is like biting into an apple and finding a bevy of carbonated booze. The taste is a sweet concoction of malt, apple flesh, and boozy hints. There is, of course, the heightened sourly sweet flavors of Belgian yeast that leads the beer to finish with a sweet almost cloying finish. While I really enjoyed the first half of this beer, there became a point where it just started to become too much for me. Still, the first half was worth that later trouble, so this beer is definitely worth a taste.


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