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Snake River OB-1

March 13, 2013

Snake River is an exceedingly small family owned brewery out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They began in 1994 as a brew-pub and continue to operate as such to this day. Many of their brewers also work as bartenders or staff members on the restaurant side, and are encouraged to create their own signature line of brews to rotate in and out of their taps. They ship what they can, when they can, and are mostly dedicated to brewing great beer for the people of Jackson Hole. I personally have always been fond of the brew-pub model, and I think cross training between the brewery and pub is a brilliant strategy that ensures the people serving your beer know what they’re talking about.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with the OB-1, Snake River’s first USDA-certified organic beer and an English Brown. It poured a perfect dark brown with red hues when held up to the light with little to no head. There was a light tickle of malt and nuts on the scent but nothing particularly enchanting. The beer had a nice full body while still remaining relatively drinkable with a fairly clean mouthfeel.

The taste was very nicely balanced. There was a strong combination of malt and nut flavors, with a great touch of toffee. The only note I have against the beer is that it could have used a dash more hops, which is a rare thing for me to say in general. Still, overall a great English brown and a really rewarding beer to drink.

I would say if you spy a Snake River beer or you ever find yourself in Jackson Hole, Wyoming give them a try.


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