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Dark Horse Blueberry Stout

March 6, 2013

I’m always amused when I drink a Dark Horse beer. This amusement largely comes from the fact that they claim to make the “best fucking beer in Michigan.” There beer is great and I would definitely suggest that you give it a try if you get a chance. However, Michigan is so chock full of great breweries, from Bells to Founders and everything in between, that I find it mind boggling that any of them would actually claim superiority. Of course, the whole statement is a little tongue-in-cheek anyway.

Beers with fruit in them can be hard to balance. There are a lot of brews out there that are practically juice, and that really doesn’t sit well with me. However, when beers use fruit to pair or accentuate other flavors, you can get something pretty damn amazing. Luckily, the Dark Horse Blueberry Stout definitely falls into the latter category.

It pours that rich black color with a deep dark brown head that you would expect from a good stout. Yet, the scent is one of rich blueberries. It is literally like you are holding a big basket of freshly picked blueberries in your hands. The beer has a heavy body and a creamy mouthfeel that is just perfect. The flavor blossoms from tastes of strong chocolate to a wonderful fresh blueberry. The ending is also a wonderful combination, mixing roasted malt with a tart blueberry finish. Overall, the beer is a great example of what fruit beers should be working toward: flavors working in concert. When you drink it, you ask yourself, “Why are chocolate covered blueberries not a thing?”


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