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Since Someone Has Probably Wondered

March 5, 2013

So things have been quiet here as of late.


It’s been exactly a month since I last posted anything besides a beer review, and the beer reviews have also slowed to a crawl. For the few readers that theoretically exist, I promise you, there is an explanation…


However, I’m not sure I can actually explain a lot of the stuff that’s been going on in my life.


There have been good days, and bad days. They haven’t really been in any type of good balance though. A few weeks ago, I broke my glasses and my optician didn’t return any of the voicemails I left him. After over a week, I finally got a hold of him and was able to see again but that certainly threw a huge monkey wrench in a lot of my plans. Many other things have happened but I don’t feel comfortable sharing them to a wide audience at this point in time.


I’m generally pretty open about these things but not everything that’s happened is for me alone to divulge. Nor is everything that is going on in my life necessarily something I want to talk about in general, or think needs to be talked about in an open forum. To assuage the fears that such vague statements might cause: no, I’m not dying nor is anyone else I know for that matter. Things are largely fine, or they’ll end up being fine, but at the moment they are somewhat complicated.


While I was quite ambitious regarding writing projects back in December, life got in the way. I have finished my novel, and I’m in the middle of fiddling with it. The majority of the editing has been fixing commas and word choice. Commas can be annoying little buggers especially when the writing has an established voice behind it. However, I think I’m prevailing and a far more presentable draft will probably be ready within the week. Not much else has gotten done besides a short story or two, and more rejections for various short stories I’ve written.


I did write a pilot script about teenage superheroes that I both really like and don’t at the same time. There’s only one or two scenes that I have a problem with but they’re somewhat crucial so I’m on the fence about what to do with it. I’ll most likely have some friends look at it and tinker with it in the coming weeks.


The important thing for the moment is that I have over the past felt myself run out of steam in regards to To Be A Young Necromancer In Love. I was really hoping to make it last for at least a year but I don’t think that is going to happen. Unlike other things that I could be writing about on a weekly basis, To Be A Young Necromancer In Love doesn’t respond to current trends or new things that are happening. It is based upon a finite amount of memories and game sessions that have already occurred. I’m not ready to say it is over, but merely that it will no longer have a weekly update schedule. This is because I don’t think I’ve exhausted all the sessions that have been in every campaign I’ve run for the past decade or so but merely that I’ve run out of the ones that leap to the surface of my mind or have a quick and easy to demonstrate moral relevance. Plus, I’ve started up another game. So fear not, I’m sure entries in To Be A Young Necromancer In Love will continue to appear.


As for the future of the blog…


Beer reviews will continue to be a staple because I am still drinking beer and still talking about it. Beyond that, I think I’ll be returning to more random opinion pieces and, now that the bulk of the work regarding Fire&Athame is over, more stuff about fantasy/science fiction as well as hints to other projects that I may begin to work on. Things are going to be busy and that’s the way I like it. Remember though, this blog never goes away it just sometimes is on hiatus.

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