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Chatoe Rogue Roguenbier

February 1, 2013

Everybody and their mother knows Rogue Beer, they’ve been around for years and are easily one of the top five names in the American craft beer industry. However, as I’ve mentioned before their fantastic beers are only a small part of their overall production, especially after they started a farm about five or six years ago. The farm, appropriately named Chatoe Rogue, is a venture that continues to grow as I write this and has recently come out with its own line of spirits and beers directly connected to the farm and its ingredients. Recently I got to try their Roguenbier, a roggenbier or for those who don’t speak German or click links: a rye beer.

The brew poured a beautiful reddish brown color that had a touch of haze and was topped with a fluffy white head. Bubbling up out of the beer I caught, as I often am with German-style beers, strong “beer,” scents. The smell was a beautiful mixture of sweet malt, spiced hops, and of course, rye spice itself. With a medium body, and a smooth, clean mouthfeel, this beer was certainly drinkable.

In terms of flavor, this beer is fairly light. It starts with a mellow mixture of malt with some light hop overtones. This mixture is enhanced slightly by the presence of a smoked rye touch akin to biting into a piece of rye toast. It ends with a crisp, clean finish, though I found some rye spice lingering. Overall, there’s nothing bad to say about it but there’s nothing to really get excited over either. If you’re a big Rogue fan, give it a whirl, otherwise you can pass.


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