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Ramstein Winter Wheat

January 30, 2013

I’m very fond of Ramstein, I think I’ve made that abundantly clear when I’ve spoken about them before. If I were to try and explain what it is I like about them, I’d suppose I’d point to the same reason I like most of the breweries I like. There is a dedication to quality that clearly shines through in their products, it doesn’t make every beer they produce fantastic or something everyone can enjoy but they’re trying to make something worthwhile. That’s what I like most about Ramstein brewing, and most of the other breweries I ramble on about.

The Winter Wheat pours a dark brown, almost black color that depending on the lighting may exhibit a slight red hue, with little to no evidence of a head. What struck me most about this beer’s scent was a strong booziness that mingled with a sweet malt smell. It makes the brew seem particularly stronger than it’s 9.5% as well as a little overly sweet.

The best way I can describe the way it felt in my mouth is velvety despite a fairly light body, I’d almost compare it to a really rich cabernet sauvignon. The comparison to a nice red wine is furthered by the dark fruit flavor that opens the beer, a sense of overripe berries bursting with juice and just a little fermentation. This blossoms into an almost savory smoke flavor that rests on the middle of the tongue. Finally, the beer comes to a close on a somewhat sweet roasted malt flavor.

This beer, like most Ramstein beers I’ve had, is worth a taste.


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