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Bronx Pale Ale

January 28, 2013

As I mentioned previously, I’d been aware of the Bronx Brewery long before I had ever met a person who had claimed to have drank their beers. In fact, when they had a brewery night at Barcade, to celebrate moving their product into Brooklyn, most people seemed to be in the same situation. They had heard of the Bronx Pale Ale, and now they finally got to try it for themselves.

Why is getting to try the Bronx Pale Ale so exciting? As I stated in my review of their recent variant, the Black Pale Ale, their goal as a brewery is to nail down one specific style. That style is the Pale Ale. They’re out there, descending into the cave as it were, seeking a Platonic pint. It’s rather enchanting in my opinion.

The beer handed to me had been poured a beautiful light amber, with just the hint of a haze to it and little to no head. The scent is light and teasing, a sweet malt with a very light hop background. Nothing on the outset screams that this beer is something that you need to be hyper aware of, it seems to merely be a beer.

With its middle body, and full mouthfeel, the sensation is built up. The best way to describe the beer as it goes down your gullet is drinkable. Your first hit with a nice light malt sweetness on the tongue. This becomes a hearty biscuit flavor that tastes great and full, like you just bit into a hunk of bread fresh from the oven. Finally, all of this blossoms into a floral hop flavor that diminishes ever so slowly, like the last note of a song.

This is the type of Pale Ale you should be drinking when you want to homebrew yourself up something special. There’s no need for this brew to have anything whacky done to it. It doesn’t need some experimental beard yeast or whatever nonsense people are doing. This is just a solid brew, something you can knock back a few of and be very content, even though it’s not something you need to knock down doors and kill people over.


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