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Single Cut Jan Olympic White Lagrrr

January 23, 2013

Breweries have over the past five or six years started to explode not only around the country but in New York City especially. Single Cut is the brewery that claimed the title of first to return craft beer to Queens, with their Astoria brewery and tap room. Their emphasis is on creating a good unique product with complex flavors that requires you to drink it fresh. This requirement for freshness means that they’ve dedicated themselves to remaining local, self-distributing across the New York City area, and with few plans (at least at the moment) to expand further or sign on with a distributor. Understandably, when breweries are so focused on their flavors they can’t let their kegs sit around, you’re expecting a product that will knock your socks off.

Frankly, their White Lagrrr delivers.

The beer pours a hazy gold with a thin tuft of white head delicately balanced atop of it. The first sniff of it says it all though, an astounding mixture of orange rind, coriander, other citrus zests, banana, and a trace of vanilla. That’s a flavor combination that is already pretty damn intriguing. The mouthfeel is nothing particularly noteworthy or particularly problematic, it’s of medium body, and fairly smooth.

This beer comes at you in waves. Imagine that you’re riding a bunch of citrus wedges bound together by a banana peel across a great ocean of flavor. As you sail you’re met with wave after wave of different spices. I detected some standard baking spices, but what threw me for a loop was this oregano hint that would bite in from time to time. All of this comes to a conclusion on a beach of sweet dough, a rich bread flavor with just enough sugar to keep you coming back. This is definitely a beer to try for novelty’s sake alone. It’s unique, it’s different, and you can enjoy at least a pint of it. Some people might enjoy more, others might not. Personally, some of the spices didn’t sit perfectly with me, but I was pleased by the innovation.


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