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Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter

January 21, 2013

Greenport Harbor brewing is a very recent addition to the Long Island brewing scene. Like all good breweries it was started over one simple but powerful feeling: a love for beer. The brewery itself is located in the small town of Greenport, a little off the 3-block main drag of the town that ends at the water with a massive seafood restaurant, and begins with a few little shops. The brewery is located in a converted firehouse across a municipal parking lot from what had almost been my family’s restaurant. It really is as tight of a place as you can imagine. Most of the time when people think of breweries, they think of the engine room of JJ Abram’s Enterprise, but most of the time they’re crammed wherever they fit. The brewery at Greenport Harbor really does reflect their small business feel, and the care that they take in brewing.

I’ve had their beers several times, and I must say that I’m always happy to see their tap handle that looks like a whale superimposed upon Long Island. Of course, I decided to taste their Black Duck Porter, since I’m quite a fan of darker beers. Plus, it’s that perfect time of year for stouts and porters, if you hadn’t a noticed a trend over the past several reviews.

The beer poured a rich black color with slight hues of a deep red, almost brown, color with a white head that had dissipated to near nothingness by the time I started drinking the brew. A strong punch of roasted malt made up the majority of this beer’s scent, with hints of coffee to make things a little more interesting. I was surprised by the beer’s full body, and its surprisingly rough mouthfeel, which I attributed to a harsh sense of carbonation, which may have more to do with the bar than the beer itself.

The Black Duck Porter has a great mixture of darker tastes. You’re hit first with a strong taste of chocolate that grows into a rich coffee bitterness. This coffee flavor becomes a less intense more general roasted malt flavor that blends seamlessly into a dark and delicious finish. The best part about this beer is its clean finish that is still chock full of darker flavors. I attribute this superior ending to the well balanced hops that are in this beer. Overall, this is definitely a beer worth trying, and I can’t wait to get my hands on their Canard Noir (a variant with Saison yeast) again.


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