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The Bruery Five Golden Rings

January 7, 2013

The Bruery is a wonderful outfit of brewers from California that have produced beers of great character and taste. They argue for making great beers as simply as possible, they don’t go too wild or hunt down ancient recipes or anything like that. Their goal is to just make a great beer and I think more often than not, they achieve that goal.

Of course, what really lead me to ordering this beer was the fact that I got to sing the lyric, “Five Golden Rings!”

After my near-Angelic singing voice stunned all around me, I was provided with a hazy orange beer with little to no head present. What struck me was not the light hints of Belgian yeast and various spices I smelled, but the mixture of tropical fruit that was also present in the beer’s scent. The mouthfeel was light, and smooth, making this beer feel like you weren’t drinking anything more than water.

The first thing to hit you is the strong sense of wintry spices. A rich combination that evokes a sense of seasonal pies (pumpkin, pecan, and apple), alongside a piece of warm gingerbread. This spice is then punched up with the sweetness of the Belgian yeast and the sweet malts used in the brew. Finally, the beer comes to a close on an amazingly strong pineapple flavor that gives it that Pacific winter feel. At the end of the beer, it’s the way that the pineapple and winter spices play together to create a dessert like feel that really stands out about the beer.

I would say that you should get your hands upon Five Golden Rings!*


*: You’re supposed to sing it at the end there. That’s what I did in my head… when I wrote it….


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