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Penn St. Nick Bock

December 24, 2012

Penn Brewery is a brewery that produces a lot of solid brews that I’ve tasted over the years but apparently have never been moved to actually discuss. Luckily, just in time for Christmas, I was able to try their St. Nick Bock. Yet, before I discuss the beer, I want to make a note of Penn’s storied history. Penn Brewery actually operates their brewery and restaurant out of buildings listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Not only are these buildings old, harkening back to pre-Civil War architecture but they actually were operational breweries for nearly a century. So old are the brewery buildings that they actually still have the traditional German tight underground catacombs just for lagering. The brewery was shut down briefly in 2008 after being bought out by an equity firm, but was bought back by passionate locals by 2009. Truly, Penn is noteworthy for the meaning it brings to the people of Pittsburgh alone.

The St. Nick Bock’s poured a beautiful ruby red color with a big fluffy white head. The scent tickled my nose with scents of overly sweet chocolate combined with strong hints of vanilla and cream. With a mouthfeel that is light and sweet, the beer is begging to be enjoyed as a sweet Christmas treat.

Butterscotch and caramel make for a unique and delicious core the beer’s flavor profile. Combined with these sweet tastes are a slight hint of dark chocolate, and faint spice notes that help to mellow out the sweet core of the beer. All of this ends with a nice clean finish that leaves your whistle whet for more of this delicious brew. If you get a chance to grab yourself a bottle or a pint, I’d say it’s worth the taste.


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