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Southampton French Country Christmas Ale

December 17, 2012

Southampton is always an interesting brewery to talk about. Their name and advertisements are well spread, appearing all over the country, and yet their beer only seems to reach a select few regions. Their disparate presence in the minds of beer drinkers vs their actual mouths is no matter though because most of the time, when their beer reaches my tongue it is always delicious. As we turn toward Christmas day, bars and stores become packed with short lived Christmas beers. Like Maibocks they pop up for a few weeks and are gone before you can properly begin to savor them.

The French Country Christmas Ale was served to me a beautiful deep amber, almost brown color with a slowly dissipating white head. The scent was a very light breath of baking spices and malt. Unlike the name of this beer, it’s mouthfeel is not a mouthful. The Christmas Ale is extremely smooth, and fairly light, passing through your gullet with ease.

Banana Bread, and caramel form the main thrust of the beer’s taste. Nice and mildly sweet with hints of other flavors to round it out before finally settling upon a sweet fruit finish. Nothing lingers on after you sip, despite the strength of the finish. Overall, I’d probably have another glass but I’m not sure I’d make a big deal out of it. Just a good ol’, ‘nother round.


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